Baiyun Power Group is a leader among electric equipment manufacturers, based in Guangzhou China, having 6 different manufacturing sites, with over 8000 employees. Today, Baiyun Power is ranked as China’s TOP500 Equipment Manufacturer, China’s TOP100 Enterprise of Mechanical Industry and China’s TOP10 Enterprise for Electrical Industry. Baiyun Power is well known for its most integrated and complete industrial channels among in the energy sector with a wide range of products….

From 2002 to 2006, Baiyun Power Group established a complete industry chain from power transmission,  transformation, distribution to power quality management through strategic alliances, mergers & acquisitions and restructures, and became one of the leading companies in electric power industry.

By 2006, Baiyun has established nationwide industrial layout with six core manufacturing bases.

Baiyun has established one innovation center, nine R&D institutions and six testing centers till 2008.

In 2009, Baiyun received special contribution reward from State Grid Corporation of China for excellent  performance of the 1000kV capacitor banks in the pilot project in Jindongman-Jingmen UHV AC transmission system.

In 2009, the world’s largest UHV power capacitor manufacturing base was formally put into production by Baiyun in Guilin City.

The Group established


its International Headquarters for Commercial & Marketing, in Paris FRANCE.

BPG INTERNATIONAL, is in charge of developing the  whole Group’s business in all International Markets for and on behalf of all our affiliates & Subsidiaries.