Automation Products and System

Microcomputer Integrated Protection and Monitoring Device

Application: Mostly used for monitoring, protection and control of 10kV switchgear
Standard: IEC 60255


1. English interface, easy to operate;
2. Design with aluminum profile, totally enclosed mini ultra-thin hardware frame, easy installation;
3. Complete self-test system;

4. Sequence of events, record store of 100 events;
5. RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol, with remote communication capabilities;
6. Economical, reliable, easy to use.

GRD Series Protection Relay (Designated sales regions)

Application: Provide comprehensive protection and backup protection for power distribution and transmission system.
Standard: GB14285-2006


1.A variety of digital protection;
2.High performance(High speed, Improved selectivity and flexibility);
3.High reliability;

4.Small size, low power consumption;
5.Configured with DI, DO and programmable logic. 

BYE-Series Protection Relay

Application: Provide comprehensive protection and backup protection for power distribution and transmission system, and protection for double end electric equipment.
Standard: IEC 60255


1.Real-time protection process; 
2.Programmable: Report, DI, DO, LED programmable; 
3.Action record :63 times. 
4.Event record:127 warning reports, 127 operation items, 255 sequences of events (SOE), 40 block disturbance record;

5.External port :RS232 maintenance port, RS485, Ethernet;
6.User interface: Chinese language interface, easy to use. 7.Miniature DC relays used to ensure reliable operation;
8.Embedded structure, can be centralized deployment or installed on-site.

Power Distribution Monitoring Terminal

Application: Indoor type, used for protecting and controlling 10kV pole-mounted switch, switching station, ring main unit and distribution transformer
Standard: IEC 870-5-101, IEC 60870


1. Multi-core system, modular design, simple controls, flexible and convenient extension,
2. Continuous high reliability, supporting for multiple communication protocols,
3. Software of anti-shake design,

4. Level remote control mode, using strict anti-jamming and anti-malfunction measures,
5. Multiple external interfaces: RS232 local maintenance, RS485, Ethernet, GPRS / CDMA,
6. Easy installation and replacement of battery

BYE5000 Integrated Automation

Application: Mainly used in the areas of power system, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy and mining, rail transit, etc. 
Standard: IEC60870-5


1.Layered distributed operating system;
2.Modular network structure;
3.Flexible system configuration and expandable;

4. Compatible with IEC61850;
5. Full digital communication station.

Water Cleaning Automatic Control System Technology

Control technology of tap water treatment system
Technology of filter control system
Technology of flocculent dosing system
Optimum assisting system of water application
General monitoring system
Leakage inspection system
Rainwater drainage control system technology

Control technology of sewage treatment
High and low voltage electric system,
automation integration and engineering technology
Monitoring technology for all sorts of engineering and technics
Mixed aeration volume control system technology
Neural networks energy-saving control technology
Highly concentrated organic sewage treatment technology 

Sludge Treatment System Technology

  Introduction of technologies ranging from anaerobic fermentation, sludge drying, carbonization, and methane help to achieve volume decrease of sludge.  
  Mobile sludge drying system Sludge carbonization treating equipments

LV Multi-functional Meters

Application: Power transmission and distribution automation, intelligent switch board, industrial automation, intelligent architecture, energy management system, large UPS system, cabinet-mounted meters, used for measuring and control of varied electric parameters of single-phase/three-phase alternating current. 
Standard: IEC 61036:2000, IEC 61000


1. High precision, with the measurement accuracy of 0.2%;
2.Multiple interfaces, with analog outputs and Modbus communication functions;

3.Measuring full power, energy, harmonics;
4.Recording of operations’ history ;
5.Chinese language display interface.