High Voltage Apparatus/Vacuum Interrupter

High Voltage Disconnector

Application: used for switching of HV no-current line and providing electric isolation between the electrical apparatus under repair (like HV busbar, circuit breaker, etc.) and the HV live line
Standard: IEC CISPR,18-9.3:1983, IEC 60694:2002 MOD, IEC 60168:2001, IEC 60273:1999, IEC 518:1975, IEC 129:1984, IEC 62271.102:2002, IEC 60071.1:1993

Features: 12kV-252kV/630A-4000A outdoor high-voltage AC disconnector is made by Nanjing Electric Group and showcases the Group’s successful and rich experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of disconnectors over the past 40 years. It caters to national power company’s continued high requirements on disconnector, draws on advanced technologies from overseas and adopts the most state-of-the-art techniques and manufacturing process. The rated short time withstand capability of its disconnector is second to none in China. The group’s newly launched disconnectors have been thoroughly improved in terms of application performance, reliability and safety. Moreover, such disconnectors are user-friendly, flexible, stable, reliable and weather resistant. 

Vacuum Interrupter (Designated sales region)

Application: Vacuum interrupter of Toshiba make, used in vacuum switches like circuit breaker, load switch, contactor, widely applied in power system, urban ring network power supply, agricultural power grid, electrified railway, subway, city light rail and other industrial-prone locations.  
Standard: IEC62271-100-2001

1. Patented longitudinal magnetic field technologies and high breaking capability; 
2. Long creepage distance on the surface and high anti-pollution capability;
3. Highly reliable, with the defect rate of vacuum degree feed backed from end-users remains zero after in use from 1975.