Low Voltage Apparatus

Intelligent Conventional Air Circuit Breaker

Application: used for distributing electric power and protecting power lines and power supply devices from the hazards of overload, under-voltage, short-circuit, single phase earthing and any other faults. 
Standard: IEC 60947-2
Features: Completely intelligent, modularized design, high breaking capability, zero arc

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

Application: Used for distributing electric power as well as protecting power lines and power supply devices from hazards of over-load , under-voltage and any other faults.
Standard:  IEC 60947-2
Features:  Small size, high breaking capability, arc-free, with smart processor, three-phase  protection, both time and characteristics adjustable.

Dual-power Automatic Transfer Switch

Application: Achieve quick and automatic switching between two power supplies in the double-loop power supply system.
Standard: IEC 60947-6-1
Features: Both PC/CB, completely intelligent, small size, reliable action, quick switching