Prefabricated Substation

Prefabricated Substation

Application: Outdoor minitype substation, used for protecting and controlling HV power transmission and distribution,
Voltage Level: 
Standard: IEC  62271-202


1. Compact structure, room saving, high safety and reliability, easy installation, etc;

2. European type, American type or German type, built-in transformer (dry type or oil-immersed type), metal enclosure, metal-clad switchgear or ring main unit on the HV side which is up to clients’ option.

Padmounted Transformer

Application: Used for 6/10/35kV power system of Industrial parks, residential areas, business center, high-rise buildings, industrial & mining enterprises, ports and other places. 
Standard: ANSI C57.12.20, ANSI C57.12.22, ANSI C57.12.24
Features: Low loss, small volume, simple installation, easy for maintenance, low cost

Prefabricated Substation for Wind Farm

Application: Applied in 6/10/35kV wind farm
Standard: IEC  62271-202
Features: Advanced structure, reliable performance, diversified functions, well approved