BPG INTERNATIONAL - International Headquarters Commercial & Marketing, Paris - France

International Headquarters
Commercial & Marketing

Paris – France

Baiyun Power Group Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Headquarters

Baiyun Power Group Co. Ltd.
Guangzhou Headquarters

Baiyun Power Group Co. Ltd. Beijing Headquarters

Baiyun Power Group Co. Ltd.
Beijing Headquarters

Group Presentation

   Baiyun Power Group is a leader among electric equipment manufacturers, based in Guangzhou China, having 6 different manufacturing sites, with over 8000 employees. Today, Baiyun Power is ranked as China’s TOP500 Equipment Manufacturer, China’s TOP100 Enterprise of Mechanical Industry and China’s TOP10 Enterprise for Electrical Industry. Baiyun Power is well known for its most integrated and complete industrial channels among in the energy sector with a wide range of products.

  Baiyun Power is dedicated to research, R&D, Design, Manufacturing and Supply for a wide range of electric equipment such as HVAC/HVDC Toughened Glass insulators, Composite polymer insulators, Wires & Cables, Transformer Bushings, Capacitor Banks, Capacitive Transformers, Power Transformers, GIS/AIS, HV & LV Switchgear, Vacuum Interrupters, HV Converters, Protection relays, UPS, SVC, Automation Control systems, for low, medium, High and Ultra High voltages up to 1100KV HVDC & 1200KV HVAC.

   Our unique expertise and technical know-how acquired in the field, the ability to design and research, our research laboratories as well as our partnerships and cooperation with national public service utilities, OEMs, contractors (EPC) and customers end make us a reliable and ideal partner for innovation in the energy sector, able to provide adequate solutions to our clients for the High voltage and Ultra High voltage.

  Starting out as a blacksmith’s workshop in early of the last century, Baiyun Power developed its activities and acted as OEM of electric equipment and solution provider in the 1980’s. in the early 1990’s Baiyun Power developed the switchgear business. Later on, Baiyun Power developed a complete industrial production chain and channel for a wide range of equipment and products from Transmission & Distribution Lines, Substations stations, Railways and Subways as well as Quality Management Systems and Consulting services, thanks to an internal continuous development and strategic partnerships & JV with different industrial groups.

   In 2007, the group became one of the leading provider of integrated power systems based on the improvement and technology innovation while affirming its commitment to global environmental protection. After being one major player who revolutionized the national industry, Baiyun Power has positioned itself among the major players on the international market, with proven footprints and products supply records made by its affiliates all around the world. While developing the business in the international market, Baiyun Power has been always aware of the importance to be close as much as possible to its clients in order to better meet their needs, fulfil their requirements and contribute to the development of the international market.

  As part of this strategy, The Group, has established in Paris France, BPG INTERNATIONAL, its unique International Headquarters for Commercial and Marketing, aiming to develop the business in the international market for and on behalf of all our Group’s Affiliates & Subsidiairies.


Our Major Affiliates & Factories: 

Nanjing Electric Group Co. Ltd.
Nanjing Electric HV Bushings Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Baiyun Zhebian Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.
Guilin Power Capacitor Co. Ltd.
Guangzhou Mingxing Cable Co. Ltd.
Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.
Toshiba Baiyun Vacuum Interrupter (Jinzhou) Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Xieping Technology